Illusions WaxWorks brings a new twist to the candle-making arena.  Not that one can make wax, dye and scent much different, but candles are always fun and everyone is always looking for a new twist on an old favorite!  WaxWorks offers many different creations to accent the home and bring fun to gift giving.  With candles that remind you of your favorite place, take you back to cherished times and just simply your favorite old scent, we have something that will cater to everyone..

All WaxWorks candles are heavily scented and richly colored to add beauty and fragrance to the home. The scent will fill a room without even burning the candle. It is very important to follow the burning guide included with each candle to maximize enjoyment and safety!
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About Us...
I spent 15+ years in the retail industry as a store manager and trainer for numerous home decor companies. When my mother began her home decor business 6 years ago called Illusions, I of course helped out as much as I could. Eventually, after hearing her concerns about the candles she was carrying, I decided to start creating my own candles. After about 6 months of trial and error, I came out with the first 5 collections for her to test in her shop. The reaction was amazing. Since then, I have left my old job and started manufacturing and wholesaleling full time to many different stores across the nation and of course my biggest customer still remains, Mom.
We now cross over into each other's businesses and help to achieve each other's goals. The businesses still remain independent of each other, but we all work together with both.
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We are now in the Denver Merchandise Mart in Reser & Company's Showroom

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"Made in America"
Candles WITH Character!
It is important for all of our customers to know that our candles are NOT mass produced. They are hand poured and will present small imperfections and no candle will be the same. This is how we like it and it's part of the charm and uniqueness of our products. Thanks so much and ENJOY!
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